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Are You Faced With Hiring A Caregiver For Yourself Or A Loved One

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Jacklyn (Jacci) Ryan

Jacklyn (Jacci) Ryan is a Senior Care Advocate, Consultant, Speaker, and Author. Jacci is a USA Today and WSJ-bestselling author featured in the anthology book: Success Mindsets published by Leaders Press.

I am like you. I was working in my career when a crisis happened. Dad fell and broke his hip. “One Fall Does it All”. His independent living ceased. I interviewed a Home Care Agency that I was referred to and believed they would provide good quality care for him. I entered into the wormhole of home caregiving. First for my dad, later for my mother, and then I learned of other adult children experiencing the same difficult circumstance. Trusting Agencies to Care for Our Loved Ones. My experience and this book, ‘CareGivers ScareTakers’ reveals the gut wrenching difficulties that caring for a loved one at home involves. Be Aware and Be Prepared! Raising the Bar on Caregivers will Raise the Bar on the Quality of Care.

With an aging population, families are struggling with dependable, trusted care.  This process is riddled with problems. What can adult children do to protect their parents from abuse and financial theft and also protect their inheritance and peace of mind from unscrupulous caregivers? Jacklyn (Jacci) Ryan is a Senior Care Advocate, Consultant, Speaker, and Author.  Jacci  is a USA Today and WSJ-bestselling author featured in the anthology book: Success Mindsets published by Leaders Press

Things You Will Learn from the Author's Book


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 My mission is to get better and stronger laws to protect our vulnerable loved ones “VLO’s”.  Namely to require fingerprinting and FBI Rapback for all caregivers in the industry, from daycare to senior care.  The stories in my book are “Only a Glimpse” of the daily atrocities that happen to our VLO’s.  I learned it wasn’t just my situation but many of us “adult children” are ill equipped on how to handle a crisis moment when we are instantly thrust into the wormhole of healthcare, regardless of our profession.  I am not alone and neither are you.  Many of us are from dysfunctional families and it is up to us to help one another on our journey with the care of our loved ones in their lasting years.  When reading Caregivers Scaretakers, you will learn what to look for and how to best qualify an agency or independent caregiver and mistakes to avoid. I hope this can serve as a communication gateway between you and your family. 


The author not only relate case histories, but tells you how to avoid getting taken in by the grifters who try to get in on the game.
This book is filled with personal accounts as well as others experience of elder abuse in nursing homes. I have my own personal experience as a caregiver and the author is spot on! I’ve reached the age when I’ve thought about these scenarios and pray that I am never at the mercy of some of the monsters who work in this field. There are good and bad employees working for agencies. in nursing homes, and in-home care. Many have experienced the worst case scenarios. This is a text book for those who have loved ones requiring this level of care. A definite must read for people of all ages.
Very informative and information that needs to be spread.
"The information provided in her book has been a road map to our destination."


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For your event, talk or discussion, we invite you to share your stories with her. Your stories will help her spread the word about the pitfalls of hiring strangers to care for your loved ones or YOU!

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Jacklyn spoke at our “End of Life Series”. She was very sincere and “relatable”. She provided excellent information. We highly recommend her
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Mach One Financial Services
End of Life Preparation Series

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Topics for Keynotes and Workshops: ​

1. Hiring a Caregiver- What You Need to Know BEFORE You Make that Decision. ​

Discovery tools for checking out agencies and caregivers, finding reviews and learning how to research references. 

2. My Father is in Love with His Caregiver! ​

Jacklyn Ryan’s Personal Story. The Actions You Can Take to Safeguard Your Family Inheritance and Expose the Scammers.

3. Don’t wait for a Crisis to happen! Prepare YOUR OWN Care Ahead of Time. ​

We plan for a date, a wedding, a family, but neglect to make a plan for how or where we’re going to live when we can no longer live on our own or lastly, our funeral!  Make Your Plan and Put it in Writing.

Raising the Bar on Caregivers will Raise the Bar on the Quality of Care​

Jacklyn Ryan Media Kit Attachment